Based between Toronto and Barcelona, I have been shooting photos professionally for more than four years and have been involved with coffee research and consulting for the last three. My projects involve photography, video production, and strategic plans which range from product start-ups, café + restaurant, tourism, and urban planning projects for several municipalities. 



/ Each project that I take on has its own unique perspective, and varying objectives. My priority is to work with my clients to find the maximum potential for their specific needs and budgets whether it’s a campaign around a series of new products, or showcasing the character and ambience of their brand or space.



/ My passion is to explore how specialty coffee enhances collaboration, activates urban spaces, and positively impacts communities in coffee-growing regions around the world by offering curated consulting and research services. The Nomad Barista explores this craft to elevate its link to urban design and community development by connecting with cafes and individuals who are making an impact in the industry, on both local and global scales.


With my background in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo, I've fallen in love with the concept of urban space, intentional design, and how the worlds of culture and architecture can be married to produce vibrant communities. I aim to work with those around the world who have a little less and build with them a little more through creative engagement and collaborative design strategies.


/ Identify how to better engage, facilitate, and design for the public good
/ Outline what a great space consists of and needs in order to function in a given community
/ Bring people together through the supply of quality food and drink