With my background in Urban Planning from the University of Waterloo, I've fallen in love with the concept of urban space, intentional design, and how the worlds of culture and architecture can be married to produce vibrant communities. I aim to work with those around the world who have a little less and build with them a little more through creative engagement and collaborative design strategies.

coffee consulting

/ The Nomad Barista explores the craft of specialty coffee around the world to elevate its link to urban design + community collaborations by connecting with cafes and individuals who are making an impact in the industry, on both local and global scales.


/ Identify how to better engage, facilitate, and design for the public good • Outline what a great space consists of and needs in order to function in a given community • Bring people together through the supply of quality food and drink • Facilitate healthy lifestyle choices by providing amenity space that encourages physical activity and community interactions


/ Photography, Urban Collaboration, Cycling, Coffee.