M24 Bags | New York . Toronto . Brighton

Upon returning from Asia, Mat and I knew we had to hit the streets of New York and Toronto with lifestyle and parkour shoots while I was still west-side of the Atlantic. In moving to Spain later in the year, I managed to jet over to England for a quick shoot and celebration of his new shop in the coastal city of Brighton.

monarch methods | Toronto

I had been seeing the Monarch kettles all over Instagram, particularly Indonesian accounts, and upon realizing that the genius behind it all, Chris Chekan, was based in Toronto, I knew I had to get in touch. We connected and less than a week later were chatting over a coffee downtown. Chris has been an incredible teacher of all things coffee, and I was amazed to learn that he does all the manufacturing and shipping himself out of his studio in Toronto's west end.

The products I know I will forever have in my collection, and they are an absolutely beauty to shoot.

peartree leather | Toronto . Vancouver . Japan 

In making contact with the man behind the stitches, Chris Poirier, it turns out that he is not only a local leather smith, but a local barista in Hamilton, Ontario, so there was a great coffee connection as well. Leather came along while he was in University, by what he explains as a clever case of procrastination. During exam season, instead of hitting the books, he’d be slicing leather, attempting to piece together the perfect, hand-made products. He began to discover various properties of the material that fascinated and inspired him to start up Peartree just 2 years ago. 

The Passport Cover and Coin Pouch were incredible assets on my asian escapades and they were a joy to photograph in any setting.

Acaia Scale | Japan . China . Indonesia . Myanmar

While planning for my latest Asian escapade, I was really inspired by the art direction that Acaia had going on and knew I had to make the collaborative connection. Jenn Chen, the genius behind the scale’s digital marketing, got on the conversation, and we were soon drafting up strategies for how to capture the process of great coffee in the most abstract environments.

M24 Bags | Japan . China . Indonesia

Back in February 2016, while on the look-out for brand partners on my inaugural project for The Nomad Barista to Asia , I did a bit of investigating. As it turned out, the UK-based brand specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind upcycled bag products (duffels, backpacks, laptop covers…) from local truck tarpaulin. I knew I had to reach out. 

Mat, the man behind the handiwork, went on to explain that he strived to come up with a material strong enough to endure extreme abuse and already in abundance with unique designs. Truck tarps fit the bill perfectly, and 4 years later, production is booming. 

I had the opportunity to add these amazing tools to my travel kit all across Asia as my first collaboration with the brand.

Tokyobike x The Outpost x Ginraw | Barcelona

Tokyobike is a Japan-based, London-influenced bicycle company with a strong emphasis on quality and design. The Outpost is a boutique footwear and accessories shop located in Barcelona’s luxury commercial district curating the latest contemporary trends in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Ginraw is distilled at a low temprature, brings together masters in the craft of Gin-making, and evokes the vibrant and avant-garde spirit of Barcelona

I had the opportunity to capture a photo set for an exclusive collaboration among these brands in promotion of an event organized by Skye Coffee Co.

Hydrated World | Toronto

Hydrated World | Toronto

Hydrated World | Toronto

Hydrated World works with the Safe Water Project (based in Africa). They exist to empower communities to provide healthy water in a sustainable way. For every water filter, 100% of the costs go back into the African economy.

One cold day in late March, we took a handful of models through the streets of Toronto to showcase the brand's upcoming spring collection of t-shirts and pull-overs. See more at www.hydratedworld.com.