The coffee scene is fascinated with design, whether it’s architectural, graphic, or in this case industrial. So am I, and I’m always excited when brands come up with new and beautiful ways for us to brew our coffee. Here are a few examples!

M24 Bags | New York . Toronto . Brighton . BALI . JAPAN . CHINA

Upon returning from Asia, Mat and I knew we had to hit the streets of New York and Toronto with lifestyle and parkour shoots while I was still west-side of the Atlantic. In moving to Spain later in the year, I managed to jet over to England for a quick shoot and celebration of his new shop in the coastal city of Brighton.

M24 Bags | Japan . China . Indonesia

This UK-based brand specializes in crafting one-of-a-kind upcycled bag products (duffels, backpacks, laptop covers…) from local truck tarpaulin. Mat, the man behind the handiwork, explained that he strived to come up with a material strong enough to endure extreme abuse and already in abundance with unique designs. Truck tarps fit the bill perfectly, and 4 years later, production is booming. I had the opportunity to add these amazing tools to my travel kit all across Asia, and practically anywhere else since.

Tokyobike x The Outpost x Ginraw | Barcelona

Tokyobike is a Japan-based, London-influenced bicycle company with a strong emphasis on quality and design. The Outpost is a boutique footwear and accessories shop located in Barcelona’s luxury commercial district curating the latest contemporary trends in men’s fashion and lifestyle. Ginraw is distilled at a low temprature, brings together masters in the craft of Gin-making, and evokes the vibrant and avant-garde spirit of Barcelona

I had the opportunity to capture a photo set for an exclusive collaboration among these brands in promotion of an event organized by Skye Coffee Co.